MOSAICS – Mosaics are very popular because of their longevity and the due to the range of beautiful glass, mirror and ceramic tiles that we use. Mosaics can be made in the form of stepping stones for gardens and grassed areas, or as large shaped panels for interior or external sites. Popular for whole school projects/ anniversary celebrations/ healthy eating etc . Older children enjoy learning to cut the tiles themselves.

RECYCLED MOSAICS – Another very popular project - bespoke shaped wooden relief panels which are perfect for early years and most year groups. We use a range of materials including buttons, lolly sticks, chip forks and pegs to create highly textured and wonderful creatures ranging from mini-beasts to forest animals.

WITHIE SCULPTURES – Popular for large scale group work or individual pieces. The sculptures take shape quickly and can be covered with tissue paper or cellophane. Popular themes include birds, under the sea and mini beasts. KS3/4 pupils can create wonderful masks and can weave natural twine etc around their sculptures, ideal for Saturday school or enhancement weeks.

SEWING PROJECTS – Over the years we have seen a massive rise in the interest in our sewing projects. We can work with whole year groups, a key stage or a whole school to create wonderful long lasting banners which can transform an area. Popular themes are the seasons, school houses, healthy eating, and the weather. Apart from making large scale banners we can also offer sewn bunting projects which are ideal for hanging in corridors and entrance areas and can be used for celebrations.

PAINTED PANELS – Popular for whole school or year group projects, for inside and outside locations. Collaborative project using acrylic paint and a range of painting and printmaking techniques. Suitable for a wide range of themes, and the panels can be cut into interesting shapes if required. Permanent markers are used to add detail and then the boards are varnished well prior to installation.

RECYCLED PLASTIC SCULPTURES -Ideal environmental projects using recycled materials to create challenging and dramatic pieces. Water bottles painted with acrylic paint in colour groups and cut into a range of spirals and shapes to create flowers, or more abstract hangings, and 3D creatures!

PAINTED PERSPEX / PLASTIC FABRIC BUNTING – A wonderful technique where children can trace their designs onto clear perspex sheets for larger projects or smaller bunting triangles of plastic and then add accents of colour using acrylic paint. We can work with 2 classes a day to create bunting for a particular space. Great for key stage 1.

BATIK – We can create individual batik fabric artwork or larger collaborative pieces. More suitable for Key Stage 2 but a wonderful technique which all ages enjoy. Suitable for more organic themes such as the elements or animals.

LIVING WILLOW – Create living willow domes, tunnels, tepees and outdoor classrooms for your outside space. We would prepare the ground first then work with small groups of children to plant and weave these amazing living willow structures. Please note we can only offer these workshops between late October and March and would not advise planting near existing trees or buildings.

PAINTED MURALS – Exterior or interior murals painted directly onto the wall, designs are based on the children’s ideas. Wide range of themes. Usually painted by the artist rather than the children due to access reasons. We can run designing sessions prior to the workshops.

TILE PAINTING – A simple and effective way to work with lots of classes over a couple of days. Children use permanent markers and tile paints to create an individual tile which can be displayed as a collaborative piece or on its own.

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