TREE MOSAICS – The shape of a wonderful tree with your school’s mission statement, magic words or values beautifully illustrated in paint, mosaic or sewn felt. Represent your school’s core values and interests in pictorial form and we can help promote this in an exciting and creative way. A highly requested and bespoke project. Usually takes at least a week to create with two artists working with rotating groups.

SCHOOL VALUE PROJECTS – This theme is incredibly popular: schools send us their school’s values and a selection of children's designs which are then transformed into eye catching mosaics or painted panels during workshop sessions.

SCHOOL WELCOME SIGNS – We can work closely with your school to create highly individual welcome signs for your school. We use the children’s ideas, the school’s colours and logo to produce an eye catching design. We would then work with groups of children to make the sign with mosaic tiles. Languages from your school community can be incorporated into the signs.

MOSAIC STORY BENCHES – NEW! Creation of highly decorative and durable mosaic benches designed using your pupil's favourite books as inspiration! Great social seating projects, please contact us directly for pricing and finding suggestions for this very unique project.

HEALTHY EATING PROJECTS – One of our most requested projects. We can create mosaics, banners , bunting and batiks all linked to this theme. We would incorporate the children’s ideas and drawings into the final design  and would happily include the types of foods your school  would like to promote. A really successful and enjoyable educational project.

HISTORICAL AND CULTURAL – Individually designed workshops that meet your project needs. All our projects are adaptable, however if you have a specific project for example a cross-curricular project or residency request please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements. We are also available to work with you on projects like the Big Draw, Book Weeks, Cultural Heritage Weeks.

TOTEM POLES – Bespoke shaped wooden relief panels which are created with younger pupils and year groups and then installed onto fence posts or directly onto walls or fences, adding immediate texture and interest to an outdoor area.

EARLY YEARS AND FOUNDATION WORKSHOPS – Most of the projects listed can be used in early years settings. We can provide rotating messy play art activities or more structured sessions that go towards a final piece. Requested activities include recycling activities, paper making, wood relief sculptures, painting on plastic and stringy balloons.

INSET – Arts Generation can provide whole staff inset sessions, either whole days, half days or twilight, on a whole range of art and design activities. We also offer ‘team building’ sessions, where staff collaborate to produce art works for themselves or for example, the staffroom wall.

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